The Big Buns logo, wherein a hand-drawn dinner roll tipped on its right side forms the leading 'B'

Welcome to Big Buns Bakery!

I’m Katie, and my mother is Cheri. Big Buns was born out of our love of baking. We offer a wide selection of the most scrumptious homemade baked goods, such as pies, cakes, scones, rolls, and much more — including our delectable, can’t-get-enough, “Not Your Grama’s” Fruitcake!

We offer up our hearty Iowa home-cookin’ to sate the cravings of the Denver metro area. No matter which items you decide to try first, it’ll be love at first bite! Mass-produced just can’t compare to baked-with-love! Take a look at some of our current offerings below.

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Questions? Special requests? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You may call or text the bakery at (720) 370-9807. To email, simply click on “Contact Us”.

We believe in safety, quality, and integrity. All products are being sold in full compliance with the Colorado Cottage Foods Act.

We like Big Buns, and we’re sure you’ll like Big Buns too!

Iced Sugar Cookies

Scrumptious sugar cookies, round, or cut into seasonal shapes and beautifully iced. Take them to a meeting at work or a family gathering, but grab one quick! They are sure to go fast.

3 Christmas cookies, with detailed decorative icing: a candy cane, a Christmas tree with ornaments, and a snowman A plate full of snowflake-shaped sugar cookies, decorated with snow-white icing and dusted with cheerful silver

Fruit Pies — Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, or Dutch Apple

Our scrumptious fruit pies are 9-inch deep-dish pies with luscious fruit fillings enrobed in our delicious homemade pie crust. Choose a crust made with shortening, or our personal favorite — the old-fashioned classic lard pie crust. Either way, you’re in for a treat!

A top-down view of a gorgeous apple pie, fully decorated with intricate latticework crust, a pie-crust cutout apple dusted with red sugar, and ringed with green-dusted pie-crust holly leaves all around

Coffee Cake — Apple, or Rhubarb*

Coffee cake is one of those delectable treats that pretty much disappeared along with stay-at-home moms. Another family favorite, this mouth-watering, moist cake is filled with chopped fruit and topped with a mixture of cinnamon, sugar, and finely-chopped walnuts. It’s hard to top a tart rhubarb when it’s available, but our mix of Granny Smith & Gala apples can equally vie for favorite! A superb accompaniment to a hot cup of coffee or tea!

*Rhubarb is subject to availability.

A slice of our wonderful coffee cake, laden with walnuts, plated attractively, with a full-size coffee cake in the background

Scones — Cheddar & Chive, or Cranberry-Orange

A batch of our scones will add a special note to breakfast, lunch, or supper! Orange-glazed cranberry-orange scones are particularly lovely with breakfast, and tender, savory cheddar & chive scones complement any lunch or supper.

A close-up of the tender crumb of our cheddar & chive scones A picture of our cheddar & chive scones showing their delicious golden crust and slices served with real butter

Mile High Biscuits

Our Mile High Biscuits were named as such long before we moved to Denver, but if you love biscuits, you will 😍😍😍 these tall & tender treats!

Mouth-watering biscuits that seem to keep getting taller